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Explora Vallarta Tours

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Welcomes and invites you to its wonderful tours. You will have a lot of fun exploring the enigmatic and exuberant nature in Puerto Vallarta, Riviera Nayarit and Banderas Bay. Our company, 100% Mexican, is devoted to adventure ecotourism and was founded by professional biologists who are committed with nature conservation. Therefore, we will share lots of fun, knowledge and adventures with you.

We offer a great variety of tours, which are focused on keeping your senses in a real contact with nature and raising your adventurous spirit. Our company’s commitment with our region’s natural resources conservation also distinguishes us as we act with dedication, passion and respect. As you participate in our adventures, you will also contribute actively with wildlife research and conservation projects in Puerto Vallarta and its beautiful surrounding areas.

We certainly know your vacation in Puerto Vallarta will become the most rewarding experience of your life. Explora Vallarta will be pleased toTOURS ECOLOGICOS guide you in each of these amazing sites.
We expect to share our next tour with you, here in Explora Vallarta.


You will discover the different behaviors of these beautiful animals, including jumps and fin movements. You will also see mothers playing with their calves, and be able to listen to these animals’ enigmatic chants. Our biologists will explain to you each one of these interesting aspects about their biology, migration, and feeding, flirting and breeding behaviors.


You will have the chance to see these friendly and smart dolphins in their natural environment. Take the chance to live this wonderful adventure by these mammals’ side and to discover their environment and natural habits that include jumps, fast and agile swimming, and also flirting and breeding behaviors.


Slide on the trees’ tops through our 12 lines wearing the highest quality-level material at the same time that you enjoy the incredible view of the jungle.  Our experts will be with you at the beginning and end of each line.


Swimming under the water you will have the chance of looking at colorful fish, corals, marine sponges, anemones, etc. Explora Vallarta invites you be part of this wonderful experience that will also take you to Love Beach, which is located in this same area and can only be reached by snorkeling.


Navegando hacia la zona sur de la Bahía de Banderas descubrirás un conjunto de islotes llamados los Arcos, esta parte de la naturaleza es símbolo de Puerto Vallarta y para exploradores como tú será una experiencia y aventura única. Sus aguas albergan a un sinfín de especies marinas, peces, corales, esponjas, algas, anemonas.


Get into the wonderful tropical jungle in Puerto Vallarta by hiking through Nogalito River’s crystalline water. You will have a lot of fun being in touch with nature in the middle of exuberant vegetation and fauna that will make you feel hypnotized with their wonderful orchids, ferns, climbing plants and termites nests used by parrots to protect and feed their babies.